Friday, July 11, 2014

Here Comes Destructosaurus! by Aaron Reynolds and Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard

Here Comes Destructosaurus!  
by Aaron Reynolds and Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard


I saw this book listed on the New York Times Bestseller list a couple of weeks ago wanted to read it. I was not disappointed. 


WATCH the unstoppable destructive force of a raging temper tantrum!

TREMBLE at the enormous mess and disrespectful roaring!

DESPAIR as no amount of scolding can stem the heedless rampage!

SOMEONE is heading for a time-out mister!


With an eye catching description like this, you have to read the book!

This book reminds me of a Godzilla book for kids. The colors are bright and engaging! The oversize text is perfect for Destructosaurus! 

He's like any other child who has a temper tantrum... Except for he is quite huge!

I enjoyed how the text was big and bold! 

As Destructosaurus becomes angry, the colors take on a distinct red-tone... as he becomes angrier and angrier, the colors are a raging reddish-orange... representing the boiling point.

When his mother says "DON'T YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME, DESTRUCTOSAURUS," you hear every mother chastising her child for bad behavior... 

Later in the story, we learn the reason why he was so angry and causing so much destruction...

Destructosaurus was looking for his................... {You will have to read this wonderfully written and illustrated story to learn what he was searching for....}

I highly recommend this delightfully well written creative book! I absolultey loved this book. It brought a smile to my face. 

This will be a great addition to any home, school, and public library. This book should be every where there are little ones with temper tantrums!

Until the next time........

Happy reading..................

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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