Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Day at Wood Green Animal Shelter

I enjoyed reading "One Day at Wood Green Animal Shelter" by Patrica Casey!

What a nice delicious read!!!!! I adopted my Figaro from an animal shelter and so I have a new found love for anything related to animal shelters.

Here is the link on Amazon.com to this wonderfully written and designed children's book!!!!!http://www.amazon.com/One-Wood-Green-Animal-Shelter/dp/0763612103#noop

I loved the first person narrative, the combination of watercolors, illustrations, and photo cut outs, and the different fonts, colors, text sizes and shapes, and picture sizes. What a treat!!!!!!

The story is about a day in the life of a busy animal shelter with a plethora of a lively animals ranging from Tandy, the Manager's Alsatian dog; William the fox that came to the shelter as a young cub with his sister Anna; Rolley, the dog with the weak heart; Penny the shelter cat; Roosevelt the bulldog, that "looks fierce but is a softy."

There are several new animals that arrive at the shelter including a baby hedgehog that was found in garden; a dazed song thrush that bumped into a lady's greenhouse; a lame pony; a pigeon with a broken leg; and a gecko that climbed into a little girl's suitcase when she was in Spain.
This book is perfect for teaching younger children how to make a collage. Older students and adults can use this book as an example of good graphic design and page layout!

I intend to share this book with my students during their story time in the near future. I will have them locate and describe the different animals on each page. I will ask them to tell me which pictures are illustrations, cutouts, and real photographs. There are so many different types of elements on each page that I think my students will find this book both challenging and fun!

I will have them act out some of the pages such as: "Cats meowing... cats purring... ppprrrrrrrrr ing... Cats and more cats everywhere..  "Look! They're stretching and yawning and scratching and washing. They're uncurling and stepping out of their little houses. They're pacing and waiting and thinking about..... breakfast!!" Oh, they will love this!!!!!!!!!!!

There are several collages of cats with the name of the cat located underneath the picture!
There are bubbles above the different patients and owners in the waiting room.
Rolley who has a weak heart looks like a smaller version of my own Figaro. I hope that Figaro will remain healthy!!!!!!! He is 1 year and 4 months old.

What a warm and fuzzy place! If I am ever in England near where this place is located, I will most certainly stop by and visit and even volunteer!!!!!!!!!!

This book was such a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad that someone returned it to the library where I had been working or else I wouldn't have had the opportunity to read and share this lovely book with you all.

Until the next time.................

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

NY Times Book Review Published Today

Today is Sunday which means that that NY Times Book of List has been published. I am including the Children's book lists below.

Here is the list of Picture Book Best Sellers:

1. PLENDIFEROUS CHRISTMAS, by Jane O’Connor. Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.
2. NUBS, by Brian Dennis, Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson.
3. LEGO STAR WARS, by Simon Beecroft. (DK, $21.99.) An annotated visual dictionary.
4. THE CHRISTMAS SWEATER, adapted by Chris Schoebinger from the story by Glenn Beck. Illustrated by Brandon Dorman.
5.T HE LION AND THE MOUSE, by Jerry Pinkney.
7. WHITE NOISE, by David A. Carter.
8. WADDLE!, written and illustrated by Rufus Butler Seder.
9. 14 COWS FOR AMERICA, by Carmen Agra Deedy with Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez. 

This week's Chapter Book best sellers include:

1. CATCHING FIRE, by Suzanne Collins.

2. THE HUNGER GAMES, by Suzanne Collins.

4. THE MAGICIAN'S ELEPHANT, by Kate DiCamillo and Yoko Tanaka.

5. HUSH, HUSH, by Becca Fitzpatrick.

6. TRICKS, by Ellen Hopkins. 


8. LEVIATHAN, by Scott Westerfeld. Illustrated by Keith Thompson.

9. SHIVER, by Maggie Stiefvater.

10.THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, by Neil Gaiman. Illustrated by Dave McKean.


Here are this week's Paperback best sellers:

1.    THE BOOK THIEF, by Markus Zusak.
2.    THREE CUPS OF TEA: YOUNG READERS EDITION, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.
3.    THIRST NO. 1, by Christopher Pike.
4.    DARK VISIONS, by L. J. Smith.
5. BLUE MOON, by Alyson Noël.
6.    EVERMORE, by Alyson Noël.
7 .   THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN, by Sherman Alexie. Illustrated by Ellen Forney.
8.    GRACELING, by Kristin Cashore.
10.    IMPOSSIBLE, by Nancy Werlin.

Here are this week's Series best sellers:

1. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney.
2. THE TWILIGHT SAGA, by Stephenie Meyer.
3. HOUSE OF NIGHT, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
5. THE 39 CLUES, by various authors.
6. VAMPIRE DIARIES, by L. J. Smith.
8. BLUE BLOODS, by Melissa de la Cruz.
9. VAMPIRE ACADEMY, by Richelle Mead.
10. MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES, by Rachel Caine.


I plan to read some of the books on each of these lists. Hmmm. Wonder where I might begin. I am thinking
DEWEY (THERE'S A CAT IN THE  LIBRARY!) by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter. Illustrated by Steve James.

This is a good starting point for any librarian who LOVES children's books!

Happy reading!!!!!!!

Until the next time....

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Library by Eve Bunting

Our Library by Eve Bunting is one of my favorite children's books. As a librarian, who loves animals and children's book, this book is very near and dear to my heart.

The story is about Miss Goose the librarian, announcing that the library will close forever and raccoon and his band of merry friends take matters into their own hands to keep their beloved library open. It shows the power of determination and teamwork!

I love the following and know that it is true in any situation... especially when faced with library closings in this sad... very sad economy!

"Gopher lies on the grass and kicks up his legs.'There's nothing you can't learn to do when you have books,' he says. Porcupine smoothes down her quills. 'If you can read,' she adds."

This well-written children's book with colorful, bright, and cheery illustrations is a must read for younger children of all ages. It is not only winner for children, but will bring a smiles to adult faces as well!

Best read on a rainy or cold and snowy day with a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows or the occasional spot of tea with just the right amount of creme and sugar for the tea lover in all of us! What a wonderful treat!!!!!!!!

Here is the link on Amazon.com in case you would like to read additional reviews and learn more about the book:


Here is the link to additional information on Eve Bunting:

Until the next time..::))

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today is NY Times Children's List

Today is the day that the NY Times Book Review is published.

There is the Best Illustrated Children's Books. Here is the direct link to this page:
The Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2009 is a list of 10 books that were selected by a panel of judges.


Here is the list of books:
By Alison McGhee. Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.
Feiwel & Friends. $16.99. (Ages 4 to 8)


MOONSHOT: The Flight of Apollo 11
Written and illustrated by Brian Floca.
Richard Jackson/Atheneum. $17.99. (Ages 4 to 7)

Written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.
Simon & Schuster. $15.99. (Ages 4 to 8)


Written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis.
HarperCollins. $17.99. (Ages 4 to 8)


Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney.
Little, Brown. $16.99. (Ages 3 to 6)

Written and illustrated by Komako Sakai.
Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic. $16.99. (Ages 3 to 5)

Written and illustrated by Shaun Tan.
Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic. $19.99. (Ages 12 and up)


YUMMY: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales
Written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins.
Candlewick. $18.99. (Ages 3 and up)

By David A. Carter.
Little Simon/Simon & Schuster. $22.99. (Ages 3 and up)


By Liz Garton Scanlon. Illustrated by Marla Frazee.
Beach Lane/Simon & Schuster. $17.99. (Ages 4 to 7)


I am looking forward to reading and reviewing each and every one of these books over the next several weeks.

Until the next time....

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs

I absolutely loved this book, "Don't Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs" by Wendy Wahman. Here is the link on Amazon.com


What a great rhyming story!!!!!!! What a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought about my dog Figaro as I read this story. Children and adults are always walking over and asking if they can pet Figaro. Some times they don't ask, they just want to play with him.

This books, through rhymes, tells children how to behave with dogs.I had brunch with a friend earlier today and I took the book to show her as she is a retired reading coach,. She is the consummate teacher. She constantly checks for understanding. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

The advice for children... and adults too.. is informative!

For example, "Stand still and let dogs come to you
to smell your hand or sniff your shoe."
This is so absolutely true!!!!!!!!!!

I plan to share with others: "But curl your fingers underneath in case one greets you with his teeth."

The colors and pictures are rather "in your face!"

I felt like there should have been some jazz playing while reading this book. In my ear, I can hear someone blowing the sax while someone else reads this book and sways to the beat at the same time.

"Whap! Whap! Whap! Dogs hate that!" Caught my attention!" I will be curious how my students react to this book and the picture that accompanies this line in particular. I wonder if the picture will scare them. Disembodies hands with longs nails seemingly grabbing/touching the dog at the same time as the dog seems to be quite distressed.

The pictures and colors are very hard with lots of sharp edges. It is not a warm and fuzzy book as you would expect when talking about dogs.

I experienced the line, "Cross your arms and turn your back when Jake jumps and barks like that" when I walked Figaro earlier today. I can tell you that this strategy works. They become confused and look for another willing victim to jump on and lick in the face.

I loved the line, "Dogs aren't toys to hug and squeeze or poke or chase or tug or tease. Just like you and just like me, dogs have personalities!" I loved this!!!!!!!!!! How creative and TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed reading this book and wished that the pictures would have been more child friendly instead of being harsh, and sharply cut.. with VERY sharp edges. Even the hair cuts, nails, and dog's hair and fur was very sharp and bluntly cut. I noticed that there were several pictures where the children and dog's hair seemed to resemble combs with sharp-edged ends.

I can't wait to read it to my students next week and see their reactions.

Until the next time...

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

- Ida