Saturday, August 25, 2012


If All the Animals Came Inside

by Eric Pinder and
Illustrated by Marc Brown

"The walls would tremble,
The windows would shake.
Oh, what a terrible mess we would make!

If all the animals came inside, bears would run down the stairs, kangaroos would bounce on the couch, and hippos would play hide-and-seek through the halls! Join one family's wild romp as animals of all shapes and sizes burst through the front door and make themselves right at home."

This is one of the happiest children's books that I have reviewed.  The collage art work is so incredible wonderful! I love the colors, drawings, and the rhyming words.

Every color of the spectrum is included in this book... Oranges, pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, reds, greys, browns...and wonderful variations of all these colors::))

I am the children's librarian at the Carnegie Library Allegheny Branch. I have recommended this book to several parents and children. What a great read! This book is such a happy friendly book that I am planning to purchase it and give it to friends and family members with small children.

As an animal lover, I was so happy looking at the pictures and reading the rhyming text!

I giggled at the children ridig the elephant knocking over objects in sight which is what you would expect from an elephant in a small confined space... THUMP RHUMP. BANG BUMP.

How cute!

There are all sorts of animals hiding in room playing hide-and-seek. Animals coming out of closets. However, every so often along with the collage drawings, we will see a photo os a real image... or two or three.

This would be a great game for children to locate the real images in the picture... It might be a teddy bear or a sandwich or peas or pasta or a rubber ducky... You will have to read the book to find the rest!

"At bathtime my daddy would stammer and stare.
'You can't take a bath wiht an octupus in there!'
The faucet would leak. The bathroom would flood.
Daddy would slip and he's land with a thud!"

How many of you have had a bath with an octopus? What other animals are included in this, giraffe, lion, monkey, cow, fox, kitten, grizzly teddy bear, panda bear, elephant... and the rest are??????????????????????

There is something for everyone in this book!

This is great for story time, right before bed, or any time... It is such a happy friendly enjoyable read that your children will love you for sharing this delightfully funny and witty story with them!

I recommend this gem for every home, school, daycare, and public library!
Until the next time...
Happy reading..........
A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

The Truth About Dragons

The Truth About Dragons

by Thomas Kingsley Troupe and Illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler

Dragons have roared their way through popular fairy tales for many years. Have you ever wondered why dragons look the way they do, where they might hide, or how they scare their enemies? Journey through this book to find out the truth about dragons.

The pictures are quite colorful. They are very bright, vibrant and rich as if hand drawn illustrations with colored pencils. What a treat to the eyes! There are lots of blues, greens, oranges, purples, reds, browns, yellows... Every color of the spectrum!

This book is an easy quick read. The pictures of the dragons seem larger than life just like dragons!

The book begins with "Here Be Dragons" that tells of dragons. "Stories tell of dragons that are big and scary. But are dragons real? Of course not!" We then move in to the history of dragons and where they come from. The oldest tales started in Europe and China.

Where do they come from? Do they live a long time?Do they get stronger or weaker with age? What do dragons look like? What is the difference between dragons from Europe and dragons from China?

Where do dragons live? Do they live in lairs, caves, homes, castles, swimming pools?

Do they spit fire, acid, water, or slime?

I won't tell you! You have to read the story!

A Glossary, Read More, Internet sites, and Index are contained at the end of
this book.

This is a great book for children wanting to learn more about dragons..::)))

I would recommend it for any home, school, and/or public library!

Kudos to Capstone for another job well done!
Until the next time...
Happy reading!
A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!