Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Day at Wood Green Animal Shelter

I enjoyed reading "One Day at Wood Green Animal Shelter" by Patrica Casey!

What a nice delicious read!!!!! I adopted my Figaro from an animal shelter and so I have a new found love for anything related to animal shelters.

Here is the link on Amazon.com to this wonderfully written and designed children's book!!!!!http://www.amazon.com/One-Wood-Green-Animal-Shelter/dp/0763612103#noop

I loved the first person narrative, the combination of watercolors, illustrations, and photo cut outs, and the different fonts, colors, text sizes and shapes, and picture sizes. What a treat!!!!!!

The story is about a day in the life of a busy animal shelter with a plethora of a lively animals ranging from Tandy, the Manager's Alsatian dog; William the fox that came to the shelter as a young cub with his sister Anna; Rolley, the dog with the weak heart; Penny the shelter cat; Roosevelt the bulldog, that "looks fierce but is a softy."

There are several new animals that arrive at the shelter including a baby hedgehog that was found in garden; a dazed song thrush that bumped into a lady's greenhouse; a lame pony; a pigeon with a broken leg; and a gecko that climbed into a little girl's suitcase when she was in Spain.
This book is perfect for teaching younger children how to make a collage. Older students and adults can use this book as an example of good graphic design and page layout!

I intend to share this book with my students during their story time in the near future. I will have them locate and describe the different animals on each page. I will ask them to tell me which pictures are illustrations, cutouts, and real photographs. There are so many different types of elements on each page that I think my students will find this book both challenging and fun!

I will have them act out some of the pages such as: "Cats meowing... cats purring... ppprrrrrrrrr ing... Cats and more cats everywhere..  "Look! They're stretching and yawning and scratching and washing. They're uncurling and stepping out of their little houses. They're pacing and waiting and thinking about..... breakfast!!" Oh, they will love this!!!!!!!!!!!

There are several collages of cats with the name of the cat located underneath the picture!
There are bubbles above the different patients and owners in the waiting room.
Rolley who has a weak heart looks like a smaller version of my own Figaro. I hope that Figaro will remain healthy!!!!!!! He is 1 year and 4 months old.

What a warm and fuzzy place! If I am ever in England near where this place is located, I will most certainly stop by and visit and even volunteer!!!!!!!!!!

This book was such a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad that someone returned it to the library where I had been working or else I wouldn't have had the opportunity to read and share this lovely book with you all.

Until the next time.................

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!

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