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New York Times Graphic Book List for Week of July 25, 2010

New York Times Graphic Book List
 Week of July 25, 2010


There are several new comers to this list this week. Check them out at the following link or just scroll down below:

Here is the entire list of New York Times Graphic books best sellers:


1 BLACKEST NIGHT, by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. (DC Comics, $29.99.) This collected edition of the event mini-series features some surprising deaths and even more surprising rebirths. Green Lantern and the recently resurrected Flash are at the forefront. 1

2 BLACKEST NIGHT: GREEN LANTERN, by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. (DC Comics, $24.99.) The War of Light makes for some strange bedfellows as Green Lanterns gains allies whose battle colors include blue, orange, violet, yellow and indigo. 1

3 BLACKEST NIGHT: GREEN LANTERN CORPS, by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. (DC Comics, $24.99.) OA, the home of the central power battery of the Green Lantern Corps, is under siege by Black Lanterns, reanimated corpses out to spread death across the universe. 1

4 TWILIGHT: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, VOL. 1, by Stephenie Meyer and Young C. Kim. (Yen Press, $19.99.) The comic adaptation of the ever-popular vampire series. 18

5 KICK-ASS, by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.. (Marvel Entertainment, $14.99.) A "realistic" look at what would happen if a teenage boy put on a costume to fight crime. Not for the weak of heart. 20

6 ARKHAM ASYLUM: MADNESS, by Sam Kieth. (DC Comics, $19.99.) This original graphic novel depicts 24 hours in the madhouse that is home to Batman’s most psychotic enemies. 3

7 BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. (DC Comics, $17.99.) This critically acclaimed story from 1988 offers a possible origin for the Joker. 71

8 DEADPOOL: MONKEY BUSINESS, by Daniel Way and Paco Medina. (Marvel Entertainment, $19.99.) Can Deadpool, the mutant mercenary, and Spider-Man defeat the menace of the Hit-Monkey? 1

9 BATWOMAN: ELEGY, by Greg Rucka, J. H. Williams and J. G. Jones. (DC Comics, $24.99.) The new Batwoman sets up shop in Gotham. Readers learn her origin and her special connection to a villain inspired by Alice from Wonderland. 2

10 COVER RUN: THE DC COMICS ART OF ADAM HUGHES, by Adam Hughes. (DC Comics, $39.99.) Wonder Woman, Catwoman and others are lavishly rendered in this collection of cover illustrations by the award-winning artist Adam Hughes. 3


1 SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, by Bryan Lee O'Malley. (Oni Press, $11.95.) Scott Pilgrim faces off against the second of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends. What will Knives Chau think? Aren’t THEY dating? 15

2 SCOTT PILGRIM: PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE, by Bryan Lee O’Malley. (Oni Press, $11.95.) Meet Scott Pilgrim, twentysomething slacker, member of the band Sex Bob-Omb and would-be suitor of Ramona Flowers. 19

3 SCOTT PILGRIM AND THE INFINITE SADNESS, by Bryan Lee O'Malley. (Oni Press, $11.95.) Scott must face not only Ramona’s third evil ex, but also his own! Oh, and the two exes just happen to be dating each other and in a band. Which can mean only one thing: Bass Battle! 7

4 BATMAN: R. I. P., by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel. (DC Comics, $14.99.) Thomas Wayne, the father of the caped crusader, is cast in a sinister light. 4

5 FINAL CRISIS, by Grant Morrison, J. G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco and Doug Mahnke. (DC Comics, $19.99.) The heroes of the DC Universe have their backs against the wall in this event storyline which features a much-publicized “death,” a surprising rebirth and bits and pieces of Morrison brilliance. 6

6 SCOTT PILGRIM: GETS IT TOGETHER, by Bryan Lee O'Malley. (Oni Press, $11.95.) In this fourth volume of the series, Scott gets a job (Best. Dishwasher. Ever) and battles Roxie the ninja, another of Ramona’s evil exes. 11

7 CHEW, VOL. 2, by John Layman and Rob Guillory. (Image Comics, $12.99.) Tony Chu, a federal agent who gets psychic impressions from anythings he eats, visits a remote island to investigate a strange fruit that tastes like chicken, which is a black-market item thanks to a bird flu outbreak. 4

8 SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE UNIVERSE, by Bryan Lee O’Malley. (Oni Press, $11.95.) Can Ramona’s twin ex-boyfriends be defeated? Sounds like a job for… Scott Pilgrim. 13

9 THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 1, by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. (Image Comics, $14.99.) The gripping story of the human survivors in a world overrun by zombies begins. 35

10 WATCHMEN, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. (DC Comics, $19.99.) This epic tale from 1986 signaled a new maturity in comic books. 72


1 NARUTO, VOL. 48, by Masashi Kishimoto. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) The origins and true nature of Pain, Naruto’s arch nemesis, are revealed. 7

2 OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, VOL. 14, by Bisco Hatori. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich school, is forced to work – as a boy – for the school’s all-male club. The series is described as a “romantic comedy.” 2

3 VAMPIRE KNIGHT, VOL. 10, by Matsuri Hino. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) The battle for Cross Academy continues as Headmaster Cross enters the fray. 7

4 BLACK BUTLER, VOL. 2, by Yana Toboso. (Yen Press, $10.99.) Sebastian is a loyal butler who moves easily from dinner parties to the underworld. Is he too good to be true? Is he even human? 9

5 BLACK LAGOON, VOL. 9, by Rei Hiroe. (VIZ Media, $12.99.) The Black Lagoon, a WWII torpedo boat, is home to a group of mercenaries. This is their story. 1

6 THE LAST AIRBENDER, by Dave Roman, Joon Choi and Alison Wilgus. (Del Rey, $8.99.) Aang, the last of the airbenders, returns to unify his world and its elemental factions. 2

7 BLACK BUTLER, VOL. 1, by Yana Toboso. (Yen Press, $10.99.) Sebastian is a loyal butler who moves easily from dinner parties to the underworld. Is he too good to be true? Is he even human? 20

8 INUYASHA, VOL. 50, by Rumiko Takahashi. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) Kagome, a modern-day high school girl, is pulled into Japan’s ancient past, where she is linked to a dog-eared half demon named Inuyasha. In this volume: the demon learns more about his blade. 1

9 SOUL EATER, VOL. 3, by Atsushi Ohkubo. (Yen Press, $10.99.) Maka, an arms expert, wants to turn the Soul Eater, her living scythe, into the ultimate weapon for Death. 1

10 ONE PIECE, VOL. 54, by Eiichiro Oda. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) Monkey D. Luffy and his motley crew of would-be pirates for a legendary treasure called “One Piece.” In this volume, Luffy tries to rescue his brother from Naval prison.

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