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Graphic Content! The Culture of Comic Books by Natalie M. Rosinsky

Graphic Content! The Culture of Comic Books 
by Natalie M. Rosinsky 

Comic books have come a long way from short newspaper strips to award winning novels. Their evolution mirrors our complicated and controversial society. And it hasn't stopped these exciting, revolutionary changes are still going on!

Capstone Publishers presents  Graphic Content! The Culture of Comic Books by Natalie M. Rosinsky. 

"Donald Duck in Sweden? Teenage superheroes with problems just like yours? People imprisoned or executed for creating comic books? The life of Buddha honored in a graphic novel? Get ready to be astonished by the pop culture blaze sparked and kept alive today by comic books."

"From short strips printed on cheap paper to award-winning novels-comic books have come a long way. Their evolution mirrors the way our world has become more complicated and connected in the last 100 years. The great news? These exciting changes are not over yet."

This book showcases the history of comic books from the very beginning  to today's internationally popular graphic novels! I enjoyed reading this well written, well organized book because I grew up reading and watching comic books, cartoons, and animated films! Now to learn the history of these exciting genres, is quite a treat!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched how the size of the comic books has changed over the years and the changes in the technology also.

This book introduces us to several comic book characters for whom we might not be familiar that are from all over the world. For example, Tintin, the European newspaper reporter that has been published in over 50 languages who was introduced in 1929.The Yellow Kid created by Richard F. Outcault in the 1890s who lived in New York City. The popular cartoons that were shown in movie theaters that included the Disney characters Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and others. Some of the movie companies that sold their cartoon characters to comic book publishers including Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Road Runner, Woody Woodpecker.

The book includes little facts that are displayed throughout the book such as "What is a comic book worth?" We learned that in 1962 the price for anew comic book in the United States cost 12 cents.

Read the book to learn about some of the different characters such as Donald Duck, Astro Boy, Peanut characters, the Moomins, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, SHAZAM, Flash, Fantastic Four (including the Thing), Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Captain America, The Hulk, Spiderman, The Spirit, and Phantom.

I learned a great deal reading this book. I learned how several comic books were created by teenagers and the reason why Jerry Siegel created the Superman character. I am not going to tell you.... 
You will have to read the book for the answer. 

What is the name of the Nigerian superhero that is similar to Superman? Read the book to find the answer and then let us know the answer.

As a librarian, I was fascinated by the the section on the challenges of censorship and critics of comic books. It was interesting reading about why certain comic books were censored and banned......... 

This colorful, engaging, eye-catching, well organized, well designed book reminds you of a comic book. The colors are loud, bold, and "in your face" which is the way that comic books, cartoons, graphic novels, and films are designed!

I recommend reading and discussing the Timeline, Glossary, Quiz, Additional Resources, FactHound and Select Bibliography with each other. You will find it fun and rewarding. You can even treat this like a game and give each other prizes based on the correct answers..::)))))))))

I would recommend this book for public and school libraries and homes with young adult and adult readers. Older students and adults will enjoy this book. There is something in this book for everyone! It is a fun read that you can share with your families and friends!

This book is divided into the following:

From Pulp Fiction to Prize Winners
Charming Kids and Creatures
Facing the Challenges of War
Facing the Challenges of Censorship
Facing the Challenges of Social Change
Out of the Shadows
Additional Resources
Fact Hound
Select Bibliography


Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until the next time..........
A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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