Saturday, July 31, 2010

Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad!
by Alison Ritchie and Illustrated by Alison Edgson

"My dad wakes me up every morning, like this - He tickles my nose and gives me a kiss.
Little Bear and his dad do wonderful things - exploring high in the mountains, swimming in the rain, and telling stories as the stars coume out. Best of all, they do everything together!"

I loved reading this wonderfully written illustrated book! Every father who has young children should read this to his children.

Little bear's father wakes him up every morning by tickling his nose and giving him a kiss.They go out exploring everywhere...

Reading this book made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I thought of all the adventures and stories that I shared with my father. He was as big and strong as a bear and I felt just like little bear!

"We go out exploring, there's so much to see. My dad knows where all the best secrets will be."

I thought of when my father taught me how to ride a bike and how special I felt as he pushed off and there I went... He was right beside me and I felt safe and secure!

"My dad is a giant - up here so am I! I stretch really high until I reach the sky."

My dad was so tall that I thought of him as a giant. He would lift me high up in the sky! I felt like the world was mine and I could see the heavens!!!!!!!

"My dad is so strong, he can lift anything. I hope I'm strong too, when I grown-up like him."

My dad was incredibly strong. I thought he was the strongest man in the world! He could build anything, there was nothing that he couldn't do!

"When I get sleepy, Dad gives me a hug
And carries me home, all cozy and snug."

My dad carried me all of the time. I was like a feather in his arms!

The pictures in this book are so beautiful and warm and earthy! You feel like you are right there sharing in the special bond with father and little bear.

There are many books showcasing the special bonds between mother and child but not enough sharing the father/child bond! There should be more books written that show the special bonding between father and child! 

I miss my father immensely. However, I was blessed to have such a wonderful father!!!!!!! However, reading a book like this one, reminds me of our good times and that he is always with me... especially in my heart!

I recommend this book for all school, public, private, and home libraries! I will be recommending this book to lots of friends, family, and library patrons! This is a must read for all families... especially for fathers to their children!

This would make for a great Father's Day gift as well!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time..........

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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