Thursday, October 29, 2009

Story Time Today - Boo Bunny & Poultrygeist

Today was an interesting day at school. The children were a bit unruly. I think they have already started on the Halloween candy. Tomorrow is an in-service and so the children have the day off and have a VERY long weekend because they are on vacation tomorrow.

It took a while for me to calm the children. I shared with them my new favorite Halloween children's book: "Boo Bunny" by Kathryn O. Galbraith and Jeff Mack. I absolutely love this book. I found this book a couple of months ago and picked it up so share it with my students. I have recommended this book to at least 20 other people including librarians, parents, grandparents, teachers, and general children's book lovers.

This book is short and sweet. The bunnies look so warm and cuddly in their little Halloween costumes. It gives you a warm feeling inside just leafing through the pictures of this book.

The story takes place as two little bunnies face their fears on going trick or treating on a dark gloomy Halloween night. Together they meet their fears head on!

"One bunny quivers.
One bunny shivers.
One big door.
One hissing cat.
Two small bunnies.
Tap! Tap!Tap!!!!!!!"

We can all remember our first Halloween night when we first went trick-or-treating and how afraid we were but because we had another person or group of people with us, we quickly overcame our fears and each year became easier and easier to approach homes, tap on the door, ring the door bell, and yell: "trick or treat!"

We can all identify with these two bunnies.

My students loved this story! They were quite animated and vocal. They quoted many of the lines because some were already familiar with the story. They loved guessing the different types of animals at the end of the book.

We all loved the pictures and wished that we could have had the bunnies in front of us while I read and acted out the story. These pictures would make great Halloween posters for younger children!

Several other teachers and administrators walked up to the door and listened to the story time and smiled and waved.

I was told by a few teachers and administrators that I am a great storyteller.
I love getting the children involved because whey they are involved, it is more exciting for them and they tend to remember. It is similar to marketing information to others and getting their buy-in!

If any of you work with children, you know they can be a hard audience to "sell!"
Here is the link to Boo Bunny on What a great story!!!!!!!!

We read Poultrygeist written by by Mary Jane Auch, Mary Jane, and Herm Auch as well. We all became the different animals. We had a great time with this story. The students enjoyed this book. They liked the different costumes that the animals wore. I was a little concerned when I first obtained this book because it might have been too scary for the children. However, they loved the story and were not frightened by it at all.

In this story two roosters Rudy and Ralph compete to see who is the loudest and biggest. They make so much noise that they get on the nerves of some of the other animals who are busy preparing their costumes for Halloween. Sophie and Clarissa a pig and cow decide that they have had enough of their loudness and don a huge costume and become the poultrygeist to scare the "beaks off of Rudy and Ralph" so that they will be quiet. Sophia and Clarisse are unmasked and all ends well.... They will have to find another way to quiet those loud and rowdy roosters Rudy and Ralph!

What a great Halloween story! Here is the link on

The author is very creative. What a great title! I am looking forward to obtaining some of her other children's books and sharing them with my students.

Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

The children want me to share Llama Llama with them the next time... after Halloween.... I will share it with them next week.

- Ida

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