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In the Garden: Who's Been There by Lindsay Barrett George


In the Garden: Who's Been There by 
Lindsay Barrett George


Christina and Jeremy have been sent to the garden to gather vegetables for dinner. But they quickly realize that they are not the first visitors to the garden today...

Several animals have stopped by to visit and have their share of food from the garden. The visitors include a chipmunk,  tomato hornworm, cottontail rabbit, slug, crow, deer mouse, woodchuck, and mole. 

They have left little gifts behind...... The remains of half eaten vegetables...

"Jeremy picks some lettuce. 
Somebody's already had dinner,"
Christina says, standing over some nibbled greens.

"I know who was hungry," Jeremy says.

Who's been here?"

We turn the page and learn that a cottontail rabbit is the hungry little nibbler... or guilty culprit............

The story continues with Jeremy and Christina discovering that every vegetable that they decide to pick has already been half eaten by a friendly little animal stopping by their garden.

This was a nice story that young students will enjoy.

The picture are lively and engaging. The pictures of the animals are quite large and colorful. Each animal picture spans across two pages.The colors are very warm and earthy. The students will have fun guessing the type of animal and will want to touch the pictures as they seem to "come alive" on the page... and beckon children to "touch each picture!"

I enjoyed reading this book as did my students and the parents to whom I recommended this lovely book. I liked how the author included a small picture and paragraph on each animal covered in the book. This is a fun way for students to learn about the different animals and is good for a lively discussion.

I would recommend this book for students learning about animals and the environment. It is a nice way to introduce students to different types of animals and gardening. This book is a great addition to any home, school, and public library!

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