Thursday, May 27, 2010

Capstone Presents "Duck Goes Potty" by Michael Dahl

Duck Goes Potty 
by Michael Dahl and Illustrated by Oriol Vidal


In this Hello Genius series book published by Capstone Publishers, Duck is happy with wearing his diapers until one day, his mother announces that there will be no more diapers and Duck must learn to use the potty. Duck has several accidents as are common with the potty training process. However, Duck discovers that sitting on the potty isn't so bad after all!

I enjoyed reading this colorful, engaging, easy-to-read book! This is well written and designed so that young children of all ages who are learning to potty train will enjoy this... despite the subject area! 

This book is quite durable and can even be read while the child is sitting on the potty!

I loved the bright colors especially the bright yellow, oranges, blues, teal, lavender.. The pictures and large bold colored words are cute too. This book is quite a feast for the eyes. I giggled when I read, "Remember to wash your feathers," says Mommy." How cute and clever.

I would recommend this delightful book to young children all of all ages who are potty training. This book is a welcome addition to any home, school, and public library... I think that this is a must read for any parent about to engage in the potty training process.. You won't be disappointed!

Kudos to Michael Dahl, Oriol Vidal, and ofcourse Capstone Publisher for another job... well done!

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