Monday, May 10, 2010

Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson &

Bear's New Friend
by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

Bear is going to the swimming hole, but first he must find his friends. There's a clatter in the tree! 
Is it Mouse? No... 
 Something quickly scampers by! Is is Hare? No ...
"Who?" Calls Bear.
Someone seems to be hiding  from Bear and his friends.
Who is it? WHO?"

This gorgeous delightfully written and illustrated book was such a joy to read! I loved the bright colored pictures. Animals stopped by one by one to visit bear 

We learn in the book that one of the animals is shy and doesn't want to come out and play with the other animals. However after several invitations... the animal comes out and we learn

I thought of children playing together and how there is usually one child who is shy and afraid to join the rest of the crowd. Sometimes the child is encouraged to join the group and engage in the fun festivities but other times, the child is left on the sidelines... Wanting... Hoping to be invited to join the other children.

In this case, we have different animals playing together and encouraging the "shy" animal to come out and play with them. The book revolves around the discovery of who Bear's new friend is... 

Is it mouse? 

"But Mouse scurries up and squeaks, "It's not me!""

"Is it Hare who hops along and says, "Howdy-ho!"

"Is is Badger? Who else can it be? But there by a log
with Gopher and Mole, 
Badger is peering into a deep hole."

Is it Raven and Wren?"

"I love how all of the animals are gathered around the hold and Bear asks,
Who are you down there?
Who is it, I say?
Why stay in that hole?
Why hide the whole day?
"Why don't you like us?"


Then a trembling voice says, "
"Because --- I am shy."

"Two eyes peek-a-boo and the voice says, "Who?"
And the bear says, "Hi!"
"I'm Bear. Howdy-ho!
That's Mouse and that's Hare.
And Gopher and Mole
are standing right there."

"Next to the bushes
sit Raven and Wren.
Come swimming with us 
in the pool by the glen."

"Please do not hide. Come on outside."

You will have to read this book to find out the mystery animal... new friend!

This lovely book includes rhyming and gorgeous acrylic pictures. Children will want to touch the illustrations and read or have this book read over and over again. This is a perfect book for story time and for bed time!

I would recommend this warm and cuddly book for all small children. This book is a great addition to any home, school and public library.

I look forward to reading and reviewing additional ones in the series.

Happy reading!

Until the next time!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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