Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a few Easter children's books that have been VERY popular in our Carnegie Libraries. I wanted to share them with  you. Let us know your recommendations also!


Henri, Egg Artiste by Marcus Pfister 

If you like a great Easter story with great art, you have to read, Henri, Egg Artiste! What a treat!!!!!! 

Henri is so tired of painting the same ordinary Easter eggs. After all, he's an artist, and artists create masterpieces--not just boring old eggs. So he decides to do something completely different. Luckily, his wife and best friend are supportive...

You will have to read the book to learn more about the period and artists included in this artistic tour de force!!!!!!!!

 What a great way to teach children about art including different styles, periods, and artists!!!!!!!!!

I recommend this book for all school, public, private, and home, day care libraries!!!!!!!!!!


The Easter Egg by Jan Brett


One of the most delightful Easter children's books that I have ever read! What a treat!

Time for the rabbits to decorate eggs for the Easter Rabbit. This year Hoppi is old enough to join in, and if he can just make the wining egg, he will be the one to help the Easter Rabbit on Easter morning...

You will have to read this breathtakingly stunning book to see if Hoppi wins...

The picture and text are absolutely gorgeous! This heart warming tale will delight all young readers. 

I would recommend this book for all home, school, public, private and day care libraries!

You won't be disappointed!


Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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