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A Few Days Late...

Women's History Month Sheroes
There is poetry and fiction. There is art and essay. 
You'll have to read the book for the rest of her story....


I wanted to share some titles for Women's Day Month that I found most delightful. I realize that Women's History Month was in March, but I am sharing these titles with you in any case. I hope that you enjoy them as I much as I did!


Mary McLeod Bethune: A Photo Illustrated Biography by Margo McLoon

Follow the extraordinary life and career of Mary McLeod Bethune through this must-read book that includes the following:
A Leader in Education; Born into Freedom; Early Life; Student; Teacher; Marriage and Family; Dreamer; School Founder; Human Rights Leader; Words from Mary McLeod Bethune; Important Dates in Mary McLeod Bethune's Life; Words to Know; Read More; Useful Addresses; Internet Sites; and and Index.


33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History - Edited by Tonya Bolden

33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History is hardly the whole story. It is a point of entry, a beginning, to the true (and quite intense) tale of women's woes and women's winnings in America, from the eighteenth through the twentieth century.


American Lives: Mae Jemison by Elizabeth Raum

Mae Jemison inspired the nation when she became the first African-American woman in space. Can you imagine what her experiences as an astronaut must have been like? Read this book in order to get to know Mae Jemison.

Read this book to discover the skills and training that led Dr. Jamison to become a scientist in space. This book includes Stars; Family; Early Interests; High School; College; Doctor; The Decision; Accepted; Training; Space Shuttle Endeavor; Space Flight; Welcome Home; Ideas from Space; Glossary; More Books to Read; Places to Visit; and an Index.


Ida B. Wells: Let the Truth Be Told by Walter Dean Myers and Illustrated by Bonnie Christensen

Ida B. Wells was an extraordinary woman. Long before boycotts, sit-ins, and freedom rides, Ida B. Wells was hard at work to better the lives of African Americans.
An activist, educator, writer, journalist, suffragette, and pioneering voice against the horror of lynching, she used fierce determination and the power of the pen to educate the world about the unequal treatment of blacks in the United States.
This magnificent book chronicles the extraordinary life of Ida B. Wells!

A True Book: Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton by Robin S. Doak

Hillary Clinton visited 44 countries in her first year as Secretary of State! This book chronicles Hillary Clinton's journey to becoming the Secretary of State including the Early Years; A Powerful Partnership; First Lady; Making Her Own Mark; Madam Secretary. The book includes True Statistics; Resources; an Index; and About the Author.


Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker -  
by Patricia Hurby Powell and Pictures by Christian Robinson

JOSEPHINE danced a sizzling flapper dance--- the Charleston.

Knees, SQUEEZE, now FLY
heels flap and chop
arms scissor and splay
eyes swivel and pop.
Josephine, all RAZZAMATAZZ, erupted into the Roading Twenties--
America wasn't ready
for Josephine, 
the colored superstar


This creatively written book on the life of Josephine Baker was an extraordinary read! I loved the pictures, text, font, and most of all story. This is certainly a must-read!


These books are all a great addition to your home, school, public, private and day care libraries!


Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!

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