Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Earth Day... Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth Day was April 22, 2015, but I came across a few books that I wanted to share with you.


Let's Celebrate Earth Day 

by Connie and Peter Poop and Illustrated by Gwen Connelly

I absolutely loved the book "Let's Celebrate Earth Day by Connie and Peter Poop and Illustrated by Gwen Connelly

This book is an excellent introduction to the history of Earth Day. The quotes at the very beginning of the book are quite thoughtful including:

"The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth" by Chief Seattle, Native American leader

A generation goes, and  generation comes, but the earth abides forever." King James Bible, Ecclesiastes 1:4


"Waste note, want not."Proverb

The book begins with:

Recycle! Reduce! Reuse! Bike! Walk! Ride the bus! Conserve water! Save energy! Endangered animals! Precious plants! Think globally, act locally! A multitude of messages encourage you to treat our earth with respect.

What day is it Earth Day!


Some of the titles in the book include:

What is Earth Day?

When was the first Earth Day?

Did the first Earth Day make a difference?

What is an endangered species?

Earth Day Riddles?

Ok, here's one of the Earth Day riddle from the book:
How does the ocean say good-bye?
It waves!


Should we protect every plant and animal?

Why does it matter where a plant or animal lives?

Earth Day riddles?
What has no feet but can run?

You guessed it... water...H2o


What can roar but doesn't have a mouth? A fire...

Where do crocodiles heard their money? in river banks.

Are forest fires good or bad?

Water, water, everywhere Nor any drop to drink

Why is garbage a problem?

What is a fossil fuel?

Is there an energy source that's good for Earth?

What is global warming?

Recycle your lunch

Ready for some good news?

This is a really wonderful book for children and adults alike. The layout and pictures in this book are warm, engaging, thoughtful and fun.  This book was such a great find! I learned so very much about saving our planet reading this short, easy-to-read book!  Trust me, you will too!!!!

I VERY HIGHLY recommend this book for all home, school, public, and private libraries! It is simply a must-read for anyone wanting to learn about Earth Day and saving our rich and abundant planet!

If you want a humorous book that teaches you about Earth Day, look no further...

DINOSAURS TO THE RESCUE: A Guide to Protecting Our Planet 

by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

This is Slobosaurus. He's full of excuses for why he can't 
to the earth

This book really brought a smile to my face. I giggled as I shared it with others. Even though the pictures and text are fun to read and look at it, this book does tell a serious story of how we have been polluting our environment and what we can do to save the planet! 

Even though this book is geared for younger children. I enjoyed reading this book and learned a great deal as well.

I highly recommend this book for home, school, public, and private libraries and also daycare facilities or wherever there are small children who you want to teach about Earth Day and saving our planet. This is a great book for story time. It will keep the little ones engaged and laughing.....


I am truly happy that I found both of these Earth Day book. Even though they are different, they are both a great introduction to Earth Day and saving our planet!

You won't be disappointed with these books. Add them both to your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read them throughout the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us know what you think!


Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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