Thursday, April 22, 2010

Capstone Publisher Presents... Mystery Animal Tracks: A Photo Riddle Book by Kelly Barnhill

Mystery Animal Tracks:  
A Photo Riddle Book

by Kelly Barnhill

"When an animal walks the muddy banks of a river, it leaves its footprints behind. Can you guess what animal left the tracks? Read the clues, check out the photos, and put on your detective hats! A flip of the page reveals fun facts and the photo answer."

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This eye-catching and engaging book will hold the attention of children both young and old as they guess what animal left the footprint in the sand, mud, water, snow, etc. The author Kelly Barnhill engages the readers by asking: "Can you guess... which animal left the tracks in each picture?"

Here is an example from her book:

"Handprint bandit
See my tiny handprints 
in the dirt beside the shed?
see the little footprints made
when I stole some bread?
I have 10 fingers and 10 toes.
but human I am not.
My black-ringed tail and robber's mask
make me easier to spot.


The reader studies the picture of the footprints and turns the page....

OK how many of you guessed raccoon?

When you turn the page, there is a huge picture of a raccoon along with a short description....

"Raccoons are very clever.
They use their fingers to open 
garbage cans and to dig for grubs. They can even peel the husks off ears of corn!"

This book is very well written and designed! I enjoyed the riddles, descriptions, photos, colors and overall layout of the book!

What a clever read!

This is a great addition to any school, public, or home library. This would be a good introduction to animals for children of all ages and especially reluctant readers as the text is kept to a minimum, the animal photos are large, and the book is overall colorful and cheery!

Barhill includes a Glossary, Read More, Internet Sites, Index, and About the Author at the end!

Kudos to Capstone for another fine publishing job!

It's poetry month... so you know what that means...........::)))

Until the next time............

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

Here is the link to Kelly Barnhill's web site:

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