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Tiger by Sherry Been & Illustrated by Cathy Corrison

 Tiger by Sherry Been & Illustrated by Cathy Corrison

Hello and greetings from the Lone Star State... Dallas, Texas, in particular! I haven't seen any tigers since I arrived, but I am going to share with you the lovely story about Tigers written by Sherry Been and illustrated by Cathy Corrison.

It has been a few days since I updated this blog... so let's get going..::))

Tiger written by Sherry Been and illustrated by Cathy Morrison is a nice colorful warm and friendly children's book that is written in second person.  My students loved this book and didn't want it to end. We pretended that we were tigers all the way through.. The pictures were well drawn with lots of colorful details. The story was easy to read and comprehendd. My students loved the beginning, "If you were a tiger, we would call you King, the biggest and strongest of all cats. You are powerful. You are fast. You live on mountainsides, in jungles, and forests. You roam the grasses of great open plains." They loved the words... "King, biggest, fast!" Most of my students had seen a Tiger before either at the zoo or on TV.  Even my kindergartners knew the definition for the word "habitat." They traced their fingers around the mother tiger and her baby cubs...They pretended like they were swimming too, when we read, "If you were a tiger, we would call you Great Swimmer." They knew the meaning for the word "camouflage."  They even knew that nocturnal meant "nightly." They didn't know that tigers rest and sleep all day and hunt and play all night. It was great seeing the looks on my students little faces when we discussed this. They pretended to be "springing" from their chairs when we read "If you were a tiger, We would call you Silent Hunter." You silently slink and jump high in the air. You pounce!!!!!!!!!!!"They loved the picture of the tiger seemingly springing into the air ready to pounce on its prey!!!!!!!!!!!They knew the meaning of the word carnivore... They all screamed "YUK" when I read that tigers can eat "40 pounds of meat at a meal..." Some of my students don't weigh 40 pounds and so were shocked that a tiger could eat so much meat at one meal!!!!!! They liked guessing the different types of animals that tigers hunt. The picture on the next page represented a tiger laying in wait as an elephant and her baby slowly passed by....

The students did not know that baby cubs are born with their eyes closed and "after ten days, those eyes open up and the cub takes its first look at the world." They liked the ending with "If you were a tiger, we would call you a survivor. You are smart. You are strong. You live long. You are king of the cats. There were lots of pictures of tigers that were used throughout the book that were placed as a border around the page where this descriptive text was writtend.

The book includes a "Tiger Talk" which is basically a glossary of terms at the end of the book.The words included in the "Tiger Talk" were Camouflage, Carnivore, Chuff, Cub, Den, Groom, Habitat, Litter, Nocturnal, and Prey.

My students enjoyed this book and especially the pictures.

I would recommend this book to younger students even though the older students could learn a little bit about Tigers as well. I think that this book should be included in every elementary and middle school library and in homes. This makes for a great story time! A good time was had by all in my kindergarter, first, and second grade classes.

Here is the link to the book on Tiger by Sherry Been

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