Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just One More by Nancy Markham Alberts & John Butler

Just One More? by Nancy Markham Alberts and illustrated by John Butler.

My students absolutely loved this book last Thursday. They especially enjoyed being able to touch the felt-like pictures. The story was great and easy for them to follow because just like little bear in the story, they try to delay going to bed as long as they can also.

Our story time was quite interactive with me becoming the characters and each one of them joining me in the fun.

The book begins with momma bear telling baby bear that it is time for sleep. He tells his mother bear that he isn't tired and wants to stay up longer to climb one more honey tree. His motehr responds with, "Yes, cub of mine, you may."

Little bear is so excited that he skips to the highest honey tree and climbs into the hole so he can scoop out a pawful of honey. He then wants to catch one more fish, and then watch as the sky turns grey.

I was so impressed that my kindergartners knew that bears hibernate in the winter and knew the meaning for the word hibernate. They also knew their colors and commented on how realistic the bears and the other animals looked. They knew the sound of the owl. They knew that bears hibernate in dens.

The students knew the meaning of, "Mama, why did you let me stay up so late tonight?"  Because tonioght we will sleep a very long, deep sleep. Hush, my little cub. Enough questions. Time to sleep now." ... Finally... "See you in the spring." They knew that mama and baby bear were going to sleep for a long time to hibernate.

The mother bear's eyes are black and piercing as mother and baby lay down to fall asleep for the winter. The animals look so realistic.. deers, fawns, rabbits, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, badgers, etc.

The colors are beautiful. The sky begins as a beautiful blue and tranforms to orange, pink purple, and finally gray.

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I have recommended this book to several others. I just love John Butler's illustrations!
This is a must have for every home, school and public library! You won't be disappointed!

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