Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying by Kevin Luthardt


by Kevin Luthardt is a wonderfully, engaging, colorful children's book that showcases the bond between fathers and sons. I recommended this children's book to a grandmother (retired school teacher) who was looking for a children's book that shows the wonderful bond between boys and their fathers.

The story begins with an inquistive young son reading the "Big Book of Birds" book and day and fantasizing about flying like the various birds that are mentioned in the "Big Book of Birds" book that he is reading. The young son approaches his father who is sitting in his comfortable chair reading his daily newspaper. He asks his father, "Papa, why can't I fly?"

His father responds by saying, "Because, son, you don't have WINGS!" The father opens up his arms like he is a bird about to take flight.

The son asks again, "But... why don't I have wings?"

His father responds, "Well, that's because you have ARMS" as if he is flexing his arm muscles.

Ever inquistive, he asks, "Weel, why do I have arms, Papa?"

His father answers, "To hold up your HANDS, of course!"

He continues by asking his father, But why do I have hands?"

His father tells him, "Because hands are good for GRABBING .... And SWINGING... And TOSSING ... And ... FLYING!!!

The son imagines himself as all sorts of exotic birds. The color are breathtakingly gorgeous!!!!!!!!

The book ends with the father and son reading a book on fish, "The Big Book of FISH" and the son and his father imagining TOGETHER that they are fish swimming in the ocean with all sorts of rich colorful fish...

The son asks his father, "Papa, why can't I breathe under water?" This could be a sequel to this well drawn and well written children's book!

I enjoyed reading this children's book and recommending it to a friend. I plan to add this to my school library. This book is very attractive and is a must-read for youngs sons and their fathers. The colors are rich and child friendly such as blue, purple, orange, brown, green, yellow, and black. They are bright and calming at the same time which can be difficult to include in a book for young children. I like how Luthardt includes all of the colors in the rainbow and the bubbles with the birds and himself in the fantasy and ream. He uses the same color in the background as the question mark or thought bubbles above his head representing his question.

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