Monday, December 28, 2009

Bears First Christmas - Written by Robert Kinerk

written by Robert Kinerck and illustrated by Jim LaMarche

BEARS FIRST CHRISTMAS - Written by Robert Kinerck and illustrated by Jim Lamarche is such a lovely tale story. Beautifully written and illustrated, this poetic book tells the story of one young lonely bear who is awakened from his slumber by a sound. As he moves towards the sound, he encounters lots of animal friends on the way."The bear finds his way step-by-step through the snowy forest, making friends along his route."
The words rhyme and are in poetic form and the pictures are so warm and fuzzy that you wish you were there sharing in all of the fun with the animals! This story is about sharing... which is the most important theme for everyone during this holiday season. I loved the following:

"They came to a bog, where a moose, with his teeth,
Tried to scrape at the ice for the weeds underneath.
He needed some help, which the bear could well see,
So he scraped with his claws till the cold weeds were free."

The animals arrive at a house with a family sharing their Christmas celebration and songs. The animals don't understand the meaning as they peer through the window...

"He crept to the light without making a noise.
In the glow of the light were two girls and two boys.
And pealing from them came mysterious words,
A sound to the bear like the music of birds."

"A glow cast from faces, a glow cast from eyes.
But a glow most of all from a wonderful tree
That the beast out of doors were astonished to see.
A tree dressd in lights-each shiny as dew.
What the lights meant, though, no animal knew."

"The last of the sounds faded off in the night.
The children inside were led slowly from sight.
Out of doors, the beasts stared as the last embers fell.
What the meaning could be of the music, the lights,
And the gladness inside on the darkest of nights."

The animals leave and unknowingly create their own Christmas music.

The bear takes all of his new friends to his well-hidden den and they see a tree growing where no tree should be... It seems to be magical.

All the animals settle in the cave an all fall asleep for the They settle in and all fall asleep.

"They slept, and the tree shed ist marvelous light
All through the freezing and long winter night.
It continued to glow when the winter was done
And the earth had been touched by the warmth of the sun."

This is now my favorite Christmas children's book!

Every child should have the opportunity to read this book. I will be adding it to my school library and my personal library collection.

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Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A children's book a day, will keep the scary monster away!

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