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Flood by Alvaro F. Villa


Alvaro F. Villa

How many of us have heard that a picture is worth a thousand or a million words? Well, that is certainly the case for the new wordless book FLOOD by Argentinean Illustrator Alvaro F. Villa.

"When a flood threatens to destroy a family's home, they must leave. what will they return to once the waters recede? Flood is an intense, beautiful book at a flood's effect on a family, carrying a simple message of hope and recovery. The explains the event in a non threatening way to start kid-friendly conversation about traumatic events."

In this book, Villa shows us how devastating a flood can be. However, every cloud has a silver lining.
I enjoyed this well designed wordless book.  What a treat to behold. I loved the colors. There were dark hues. Lots of very rich vibrant colors. The pictures were very realistic. I felt like I was there and seeing the events through the lens of a camera. I pictures were bright a hopeful with lots of light at the beginning of the book and then through foreshadowing, we could see that something dark and ominous was about to occur... We see the family packing up their belongings to move away. We see sand bags placed around the periphery of the house to keep the water away.  the entire house engulfed in water...We see the water washing away and destroying everything in the house... family pictures... chairs... tables... everything... A tree is uprooted and swept away by the rushing tide. However, through all this destruction, we turn the page and a lone robin is there assessing the damage. The house is destroyed. We see colors that are bright and hopeful. The sun shines brightly. The family approaches by car. They can see that their house is ruined. They get out of the car and see that their house is completely destroyed.

Although there are no words to describe their reaction, you can see all of their emotions on their faces and their young daughter doesn't want to see and holds on to her father. We don't need any words to tell us what the entire family is feeling as they look at what was their family home.... This is a tear jerker...... We feel for the family!

We watch as the family, friends, and others work to rebuild their home. The colors are bright. They are planting trees, fixing the roof, painting, carving wood... everything that needs to be done. Everyone is involved in the rebuilding.

I won't tell you how the book ends!

You will have to read it for yourself!

Let us know your thoughts! What did you think of as you read this book?

This book would make a great addition to any school, home, or public library. I absolutely loved this book!!!!!!!!!!! This book would make for a great story time and question and answer period.

The pictures are so spectacular that some would make for great posters!

KUDOS to illustrator Alvaro F. Villa and to capstone for printing book and sending the proceeds to families who were affected by natural disasters!!!!!!!!!!

Note: A free readers guide offering reading and discussion tips, as well as writing prompts, is available at:

Here are some reading tips provided by Capstone Group Publisher to keep in mind when sharing the story with others, particularly young readers.

Before Reading Suggestions:

Open the book so that both the back and front covers are visible as a spread. Read the title and look at the illustration. Ask the child what is going on in the picture? How does it relate to the title? What the story is about

While Reading Suggestions

Analyze the first page spread by asking what do you see? Where does the story take place? What season do you think it is? What do you see in the picture? What can you tell about the children? How does the picture make you feel? Is there anything missing from the picture?

After Reading suggestions

Re-read the story asking the reader to narrate along or alternate pages with you. Encourage dramatic expression in voice and word choice.  Have the reader summarize the sotry by identifying the sequence ofevens (beinning,, middle, end) and by using temproral words and phrases, such as first, later, after awhile, then, and the enxt to day, to expian the progression

Identify the plot elements (problem, climax resolution)

This Capstone young readers book proudly supports the SAVE THE CHILDREN'S DOMESTIC EMERGENCY FUND

Until the next time!!!!!!!
Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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