Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sally Goes to the Vet by Stephen Huneck

Sally goes to the Vet

by Stephen Huneck

Sally loves to play outdoors with her friend Bingo. One day while playing, Sally trips, falls, and hurts her head. She is told she has to go and see the veterinarian.

As a dog lover, I absolutely enjoyed this delightful book!

The illustrations, colors, and text were fun, engaging, and a joy to read!

I thought of all my trips taking my dog Figaro to the vet and was so happy reading this lovely heart warming story. I t hought of the last time we went and he was so naughty that they placed us in a room all by ourselves while we waited for our veterinarian to come and treat Figaro "Figgie."

Reading this book made me want to immediately hug and kiss my Figaro..::))

"Will it hurt? I hear click, and that isn't. Lucky you! No. broken bones," the vet tells me?"

 I love how the pup Sally is the narrator for this book!!!!!!

What did Sally do after she returned home from the Vet? You will have to read the story to find out...

I would recommend this must have book to young children. It is great for story time!

I recommend this for home, school, and public libraries... It would be a nice story for daycare centers before the little angels take their nap.

Until the next time...

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!


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