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A Celebration of Children's Christmas Books

A Celebration of Children's Christmas Books

Christmas will be here sooner than you can say Old Saint Nick..............

I am going to take the time to include some children's books that you might want to check out for your children, student, grand children, niece, nephew..... Any little angels in your life.....

Some are fun. Some are historical.... Some are poetry........ Some are activities....

AND AWAY WE GO.......................


Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters by Patricia C. McKissack and Frederick L. McKissack

This historical Christmas book shows us in wonderfully written and illustrated drawings the difference between Christmas in the plantations in 1859 and the slave quarters.

The Big House is awash with light and color--elegance and beauty at every turn. There's delicious food and warm hospitality. But along with Carol's and the gifts, there's talk of John Brown's raid, slave uprisings, secession-- and war.

In the slave Quarters nearby, there is no such grandeur for the families who live in cramped one-room cabins with dirt floors. Yet despite the harshness of their lives, today a joyous celebration is going on --- eating, singing, and dancing. Some slaves who were sold away are reunited with those they love, if only for a day.
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How Santa Lost His Job
by Stephen Krenskyk and Illustrated by S. D. Schindler

Downsizing hits the North Pole and even Santa loses his be replaced by... You will have to read the story to find out.......

Well.. does Santa get his job back at the end and save Christmas Day..

Check out this book for the entire story.

What a creatively peachy little story....... The pictures are pretty awesome too.

Grab your favorite little angel(s) and let the story begin.... You won't be disappointed. You might even chuckle with glee.. at the end of the stoooorrrrieeee!

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A City Christmas Tree by Rebecca Bond

When the Christmas tree man set up his shop on Liberty Street at the end of the block, it started the city all dreaming great dreams of a city Christmas tree.

What an amazing story. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and will put you in the Christmas holiday spirit. What a feast for the eyes! It is such a happy bubbly book. This book will make your heart leap for joy!!!!! The acrylics are so rich and colorful that this book would lend itself for a calendar and posters!

"For Teddy Laroche it was the color, the deeply, densely green-blue hue. He felt he was home in the heart of the woods, all brightly and lushly alive."

"To Ellie Laroche it was the angel, with her marvelous wings and her butterfly grace. She would keep careful watch on the world just below from her spot at the top of the tree."

Add this to your Christmas holiday collection... You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!

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Christmas Presents: Holiday Poetry - Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Pictures by Melanie Hall (An I Can Read Book)

Vibrant colors... Lovely poetry..... Grab your hot cocoa with marshmallows and your favorite little angel(s) and let the poetry begin.

This book of poetry for beginning readers is a great find!

From the excitement of looking for hidden Christmas presents to the solemnity of Midnight Mass, the differing moods and meanings of Christmas are brought to life in these joyful poems.

Some of the poems are:

Waiting; Colors: Secrets; Making Presents; Our Tree; Christmas Eve; Midnight Mass; Wonder; Away in the Manager; Christmas Night; and Snow Globe.

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The Merry Christmas Activity Book by Jane Bull

With this step-by-step guide, you can turn your home into a winter wonderland! Count down to Christmas morning by doing something new every day. Creative festive holiday food. Design your own colorful Christmas cards. Make cool gifts for your family and wrap them up in style.

This is a good book for children and adults to learn and have fun creating nice Christmas gifts and fun for everyone!!!!!!

I am planning to create some of the fun in this book!!!!!!!

Some of the activities include How to make snowy bunting, Paper snow, Paper plate flakes, Snowy greetings, Baubles, stars and 3D trees, Paper baubles both little or large, Super stars, Shining star jars, Glowing angels, etc.

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Hallelujah! A Christmas Celebration - Text by W. Nikola-Lisa and Paintings by Synthia Saint James

A sprinkle of stars, A plume of smoke, A plum-purple sky,
And a Black baby Jesus---

A royal crown, A jewel-studded vest,
A red canopy, And a black baby Jesus---

This beautifully written vibrantly colored books takes the reader on a journey of the Nativity and the birth of the black baby Jesus.

I would love to have the pictures in this book as posters for me to hang on my wall. What incredible beauty!!!

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The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon
It all started with one little string of tiny white Christmas lights ...

Hitch a ride on this "Amazing Christmas Extravaganza!"

You will be able to tell from the pictures that the artist an an award winning painter!

Check out the rich colorful paintings. You will want them in your collections. Talk about attention to every minute detail. What a celebration and feast for the eyes.. The story is great too!

Even the cover of this book will remind you of rich Christmas wrapping paper. He really incorporates all of the Christmas colors into the fabulously written and designed Christmas book!

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What's Cooking Jamela?
When Mrs. Zibi arrives to prepare the Christmas meal, Jamela decides to rescue Christmas, her chicken, from the pot. She sets off with the chicken in her arms ... and a trail of chaos follows. Suddenly, it's Jamela, not the chicken, who's in hot water. But, as Jamela proclaims on Christmas's
behalf, "You can't eat friends!"

What a delightful story. We certainly don't want to eat our friends....

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Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!!!!!!!!!!!

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