Monday, December 6, 2010

Capstone Publisher Presents: Pingpong Perry: Experiences How a Book is Made

Pingpong Perry: Experiences How a Book is Made
by Sandy Donovan and
Illustrated by James Christoph

Perry likes pizza and pingpong. But one day he wonders what kind of  pizza professional pingpong players would pick. When he can't find the answers at the library, Perry decides to write his own book. Follow Perry's idea from beginning to end, and find out how his big idea becomes a book.

This well written and designed book from Picture Window Books: a capstone imprint was funny and a bit quirky!  I thought the idea was very creative! The book is colorful and engaging. The larger print makes it easy to read. Students both learn about Perry's Ping Pong adventures and the book publishing cycle. 

I liked this book because I am hoping that students will read this book and decide to write, edit, design, illustrate and finally publish their own books!

There is a combination of pictures, drawing, and illustrations in this book. It is very well organized and will  hold the attention of both children and adults.....

The plethora of pictures and short well thought out text make for a very quick, fun, and thought-provoking read!!!!!!!!!

I would recommend this book for home, school, and public libraries!

Pick up your copy when you have a chance....

You won't be disappointed.

Happy reading.......

Until the next time.....

 A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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