Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Be Afraid, Little Pip by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

Don't Be Afraid Little Pip
by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

This wonderfully written and illustrated children's book was such a delight to read and to share with my students during story time. They loved this book. They pretended to be Little Pip learning how to swim for the first time!

We sang, "Into the water, under the sea- that's the best place for a penguin to be. Flapping our wings and swishing on by. Penguins can swim, so why should we fly."
This story is about a little penguin named Pip who learns to swim for the first time and is very apprehensive about getting into the water even though she is a penguin. She would rather spend her time flying. Pip enlists the help of other birds such  as a snow petrel and a "majestic Giant Albratross." However, neither are able to teach her how to fly.

Pip finds a ledge, climbs, spreads her wings, jumps and .....
"Oh, no! Pip had fallen right into the cold, dark sea!"
Pip flailed aboaut, choking on the water."
"HELP!" she cried. GURGLE!
Pip's face slipped udner the water ...
then she felt something grab hold of her ...
and push her into the air!

The story ends with Pip finally swimming! What a lovely story!!!!!!!!!!
The book is so very colorful. They use a different size and font throughout to emphasize various words and events for Pip!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are wam and fuzzy. There are various hues of blue and green and yellows and cremes!!! These watercolors would make for lovely paintings.
My students felt that the story was about overcoming our fears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would recommend this well written book to all children, children's librarians, and families!! This is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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