Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caroline Arnold's Animals - A Panda's World

A Panda's World 
by Caroline Arnold

What a wonderful treat to the eyes! I absolutely loved this children's book and students and parents found this engaging and fun! The rich green, orange, yellow, and black and white colors initally caught my eye. Who wouldn't love a book with a huge mommy panda holding her baby panda against her chest? Pandas are so well loved all around the world and this book is no exception.

This book is up close and personal on pandas! It shows on colorful, rich, and eye-catching pages where they live, how they live, and what they eat!

The text is written in a fun and friendly font that is easy to read. The sentences are short and "to the point" also.

There is a short fact about pandas on several pages that can be used for discussion purposes also. My students and others loved this book. They asked lots of questions about pandas and wanted to tough the pages. They asked about some of the other animals that were included in this book such as the leopard, squirrel,  golden pheasant, and golden monkeys.

There is a page on "Where do pandas live?" It contains a color drawing of a map of China and Pacific Ocean. The next page contains "Panda Fun Facts" including that they are "Grass Eating Bears," "Panda Perfume," "Gifts of Friendship," "Panda Life," and "Endangered Animals."

The book ends with a "Glossary," "To Learn More," "Index," and finally "Look for all of the books in the Caroline Arnold's Animals Series!"

The pandas are larger than life in this gorgeously written and illustrated book!

This is a book to share with your students, children, and grandchildren. I think that it is a wonderful addition to any public, school, and home library. This is great book for story time especially if you have a panda bear puppet or stuffed animal so the children can see and feel. Of course, it would be ideal if students could visit a zoo and see one for themselves. However, now we can visit a virtual zoo. Something to consider as a lesson on panda bears!

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A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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