Monday, February 3, 2014

Phil Saw His Shadow... Did He Read These Books?

HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil saw his shadow yesterday and so we are having 6 more weeks of winter...

Here are two Ground Hog Day books that just might cheer you up.

Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day! 
by Abby Levine and Illustrations by Nancy Cote


Groundhog Day is almost here. This year it's Gretchen's turn to look for her shadow because Great-Uncle Gus is too old. But Gretchen is shy; she says she cannot Go Out before the waiting crowd.
What are the people of Piccadilly to do? How will they know what the weather will be? The plead with Gretchen, knock on her burrow door, and send her e-mail messages.
Can Gretchen gather her courage so folks will know when spring is 

This is a lovely story about Ground Hog Day and overcoming one's fears by just "going for it!" The story and pictures were quite a delight to behold. I would recommend this book for story time, home, school, and public libraries to teach children about Ground Hog Day. Write and let us know if you have read this book and how you liked it.

And now for the second Ground Hog Day book!

The Secrets of the First One Up 
by Iris Hiskey Arno and Illustrated by Renee Graef

When Lila, a young groundhog, objects to going to sleep for the winter, Uncle Wilbur tells her to rest so that she can try to be the first one to wake up in the spring and discover a big secret. She is indeed the first groundhog to awaken and quickly runs up the tunnel and outdoors, where she is greeted by all of the animals that do not hibernate and learns from them how important her shadow is.

I absolutely adore the soft warm pastel colors of this lovely book. I just wanted to cuddle all of the animals in this story. The picture and text just draw you in. The animals are so warm and fuzzy::) You just want to hibernate with Lila's family and then join her with the "above ground... none hibernating animals" when she wakes up and is the first groundhog to go out doors...

"Lila hurried up the tunnel toward the light. Bursting out into the open air, she found herself surrounded by those who stay awake all winter--raccoons, cardinals, chickadees, badgers, and porcupine."

All of the animals are smiling, laughing, and very happy. Just looking at their happy smiling faces, will make you smile and giggle. This is a VERY happy, friendly book.  You just want to dance with Lila and her new found friends...

This would make for a nice book for story time or a lesson on groundhogs or animals that hibernate!

As an added gem, there is an Author's Note at the end of the book that gives the historical basis for Groundhog day!

This book can also be used as an example of a well designed and beautifully illustrated children's book. I love the drawings, colors, and text.

This book is a keeper! I can't wait to order my copy and read it during story time and to my growing family of great nieces and nephews..::))

I recommend this for every home library, public library, day care, and elementary school library. You and your young students won't be disappointed.

This is a nice book to read when it's snowing outside and you are in your pajamas, slippers, and a sipping a nice cup of hot cocoa.


Until the next time.......................................

Happy Reading..........................................................

A  children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away...........................................

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