Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tubby the Tuba

Tubby the Tuba

by Paul Tripp and edited by Henry Cole

Music is my first love.. Maybe second only to children's books. Well, if I have the opportunity to have a musical children's book, I have to share it with you. My father played the tuba as a hobby when he was alive. I have his huge sousaphone tuba........

This review is a tribute to my dad. The late.. great... Joe Joiner!

"All day long, Tubby oompah, oompah with his orchestra, but what he really wants is to "dance with the pretty little tune." a resourceful frog shows Tubby that everyone has the right to play his own melody."

Does Tubby get to play is own tune? You will have to read this tale and find out!

I enjoyed reading this wonderfully written and enjoyed listening to the companying cd.

Children of all ages have enjoyed this gem for sixty years! Let's enjoy this story of a young

tuba who wants to "dance with the pretty little tune" for another sixty years!

Check this out at your local library or school library and see why this story is as popular as it was sixty years ago!

I add this to your home library for your countless generations to enjoy!

Until the next time...

Happy reading!

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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