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Thanksgiving Day - November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day
Welcome to our Thanksgiving Day 
Children's Book blog...........

I had a great Thanksgiving.. How was yours? 

Did you check out any Thanksgiving Day books? Well, here's two that I checked out........

Thanksgiving Day. Story by Anne Rockwell and Pictures by Lizzy Rockwell!

For the Thanksgiving play, Charlie is the ship called the Mayflower. Sarah is a Pilgrim. Eveline is a chief Massasoit. In Mrs. Madoff's class everyone is thankful for the special things that made the first feast and living in a new home possible.

This cute Thanksgiving Day book is a great representation of cultural diversity! The children are of all races. They portray different characters. The pictures are colorful, warm, and friendly.

A young student Charlie and his classmates learn about Thanksgiving from their teacher Mrs. Madoff. The children are thankful!!!!!!!  The students put on a Thanksgiving Day play. Where the students have great parts! This is a nice heart warming story!

Check it out for next year's Thanksgiving! It is a great read. I would recommend it for home, school, and public libraries.


A Thanksgiving Turkey by Julian Scheer and Illustrated by Ronald Himler.

A boy and his mother move to rural Virginia to be with his aging grandfather. Grand dad teaches his grandson about turkeys and how to hunt them. After a while, they encounter a huge, bright tom turkey that is possibly as old as grand dad! It is the same tom turkey that grandpa had been hunting for years. Grandpa tells his grandson to "cock his gun" and get ready to shoot the turkey. The turkey flies above them... away from them... they missed their opportunity.......Instead.......

"We had a store-bought turkey that Thanksgiving. . Granddad sat at the head of the table, and we held hands as he said a prayer. We had a glorious time. I can remember to this day the smell of that turkey in the oven, the taste of the pecan pie and the serene look on Granddad's face."

What a nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The water color paintings are rich and colorful and portray rural Virginia in a very positive, fun, and inviting way!

I think this will be a great addition to any home, school, and public library collection. It is a nice Thanksgiving Day read.

Check it out, when you have a chance! You won't be disappointed!


Other Thanksgiving Day Children's book recommendations:

I decided to see what others were recommending for Thanksgiving and came across the following children's books on the Apple 4 The Teacher web site. Here is the link:

Gobble gobble.......................

Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time...... 

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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