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Happy Halloween - October 31, 2010

Halloween October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween!!!!!
Today is Halloween. There are a few Halloween children's books that I have enjoyed over the years. I am including a couple of them in this listing.


Let us know if you have read any of them.....

Froggy's Halloween by
Jonathan London and Illustrated by Frank Memkiewicz.

"For Froggy, Halloween meant candy. But it also meant dressing up. And he wondered, "What should I be for Halloween?"

"Should he be Super Frog, faster than a dragonfly, stronger than a bullfrog? Or maybe something scarier-- a ghost or a vampire. But Halloween is scary enough, with creaking and scratching sounds all through the house. FInally, Froggy knows just what he wants to be--with a zwoosh and a zup! zat! zunk! Froggy is dressed and ready for the Halloween fun to begin... until Princess Frogilina spots him. That's when Froggy discovers that his new costume might just be the scariest of all!"

What a great story..........

I chuckled as I read this story...."No. Something spooky. "I know!" cried Froggy. "Ghost Frog!" He poked two holes in his mother's best white sheet and draped it over his head ---"

"No. Something scarier. "I know! cried Froggy. "Vampire Frog!" He put on his black cape--zwoosh! Pulled on his mom's black tights--zup! 

"Put on his slick black wig--zat!"

You'll have to read the story to learn of the rest...............

This book is creatively written and designed....... Children of all ages will enjoy reading this book and parents will chuckle while reading it to them......

This book is a great addition to any home library...... school library....... and of course, your local public library!

Boo Bunny by Kathryn O. Galbraith and Illustrated by Jeff Mack

Boo Bunny is one of my favorite Halloween children's books. I remember reading this to my students last year and they absolutely loved this book. "Booo Eeeek! "Halloween night can be full of spookiness... until you find a friend. Having a a paw to hold makes all the difference for one shy bunny in this irresistible Halloween book -- a perfect treat for everybunny."

The colors and story are absolutely delightful! The animals in this story are warm and fuzzy. The colors are quite child-friendly. 

"One silver moon. Two paws held tight. Two brave bunnies. One halloween night."
Your children, students, and any young children who you encounter will love this story....... I recommend this book for any school, public, and home library. You won't be disappointed!

Here is the link to Boo Bunny on

Until the next time........

Happy Reading.........

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!

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