Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Bunny's Easter Egg

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the most delightful children's book today.

Bunny's Easter Egg by Anne Mortimer

"Bunny has spent a long night hiding Easter eggs, and now it's time to get some rest. But when she burrows down to sleep, something disturbs her, and everywhere else she tries to nap jsut isn't right.

She tries the old oak tree--- too noisy!

She tries a litte boat on the lily pond--to wet!

You won't be disappointed!

She tries the greenhouse--oh no!

Where will Bunny go?"


You will have to read the book to learn about all of the places where Bunny will go..

This book was cute fun and easy to read. The colors were so rich and colorful. You will just want to hold Bunny in your arms or place her in your lap so that she will fall asleep as she looks so warm, fuzzy, and fluffy... just like my dog Figaro!

The watercolors are so beautiful and gorgeous!

The animals and scenery are very realistic.

I would recommend this book for young children. This book should be in every school, home, and public library!

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time...

A children's book a day, keeps the scary monster away!